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TECHNICAL SUPPORT (Click Cross for Drop Down Menu)

Basic requirements and setup:
  • PC Desktop fully functional
  • Stable ADSL Internet Connection
  • Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser
  • Fully functional printer
Dowload Mozilla Firefox Browser from the following link: http://europe.mozilla.org/en/

How to setup page settings on Firefox:
  • Open up Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Go to File (if it is not visible on the top left hand corner then click the "Alt" Key on your keyboard)
  • Click on Page Setup
  • Go to Format and Options
  • Ensure that Orientation is Portrait & Scale is set to 80%
  • Click on Margins & Header/Footer
  • Ensure that your conversions are always set on mm and not on cm or inches
  • Change margin settings to left 35 mm, right 25 mm, top and bottom 15 mm
  • Headers & Footers need to remain blank (ensure any info in the blocks are removed)
  • Click OK
You should now be successfully setup on Firefox and ready for printing. The above setup settings will work on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac.

TROUBLE SHOOTING (Click Cross for Drop Down Menu

P = Problem S = Solution

P: There is a suspicion that a particular vehicle is stolen, due to the engine number, chassis number or any other tell-tale signs of the vehicle markings not being authentic and valid.
S: The vehicle cannot be fitted and this vehicle could potentially be a stolen vehicle. Report this to SAPS immediately.

P: Multiple fitment of different brand types of microdot systems already fitted onto the vehicle.
S: The current standard does allow for multiple fitments of different types of microdot systems onto one vehicle. Please refer to the latest Microdot SANS Standard or contact Buisness Against Crime www.bac.co.za

P: The Veridot can does not function from the outset due to nozzle problems or insufficient gas in can.
S: Veridot products are produced under strickt ISO 9000 regulations ensuring the best quality. In the unlikely event of a can being faulty please proceed with the following: Select a new can. Place the faulty can in a seperate cage or facility for collection or it may be returned and swapped out by Veridot for a new can.

P: The Veridot can stops working a certain period into spraying a vehicle, especially if before completing all the mandatory positions and a small percentage of the car is only complete.
S: Refer to your fitment manual.

Note: if all the mandatory positions have been sprayed and some of the random positions as well, then there is no need for the below action to follow.

Take another can and complete the car with the new can. In this case there will be two different cans used on the job card and vehicle. Both serial numbers of both cans will be recorded onto the database for that customer and vehicle. Keep the initial can for a swap out again from your suppplier. This situation should not happen often if at all.

P: Incorrect settings set on Firefox webrowser i.e can not print certificates correctly.
S: Refer to the Database Training Manual under Basic Requirements & Setup. Ensure that your settings are correct as specified above.

P: When I proceed to print the clients certificate the system freezes and does not correspond.
S: Log out of the Veridot Datbase. Refresh browser and log in again. You should be able to view the information and reprint the certificates.

P: When I print the certificates it does not print in the centre.
S: Please refer to your fitment training manual and ensure that the correct page settings have been set on your webrowser i.e Firefox as specified above.

P: Veridot Website does not want to load. Error message pops up on Firefox stating "Try Again reload website"
S: Ensure that your cache and cookies are cleared. Click on the above Technical Support Tab on how to delete / clear your cache and cookies.

P: Product can not be verified warning message appears on screen when loading vehicle and PIN.
S: Ensure that the corrrect information (PIN) has been captured. Check that the PIN has been allocated to your Vehicle stock list tab.

In the unlikely event of the following occuring please contact Veridot:

  • Cannot access database i.e log in database not accepting my login details
  • Change of Ownership should you not have log on details i.e user name and password
  • Incorrect VIN Number loaded onto database
  • Incorrect client details loaded onto database
  • Incorrect PIN allocated to client's vehicle
  • Client information captured does not match up on the certificate once printed i.e. dealers info instead of the clients details
  • On loading cans onto my profile tab I get the following warning message: Product can't be verified

Veridot Technical Support

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