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Veridot are dedicated to the custody of information collected via this site that is discreet and personal to you our client. We are committed to enuring that such private information is kept safe. This policy outlines our practices and commitment to you. This policy must be read with our Terms and Conditions of which this policy forms part.

How and why we collect or use your personal information:

  • We use your information strictly in order to link you to your Veridot assets. This way Veridot, one of our Agents or authorised Technical Support Staff and / or a law enforcement officer can make contact with you in the event of your stolen goods are recovered
  • Information collected is also used to keep you updated to new products and services, which we may offer you from time to time, to inform you about developments in our technology
  • In the event of visitors browsing our website, we will not collect any personal information about you
  • Holomatrix (Pty) Ltd will not sell or trade any personal information pertaining to our online users to any third parties without your written consent
  • Holomatrix (Pty) Ltd co-operates with law enforcement inquiries and other third parties (such as TransUnion and Unicode) to enforce legal, intellectual property infringements, piracy or any other activity that is illegal or may expose us to legal liability

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