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  • If the vehicle is stolen and not recovered, we will pay an amount equal to, but not exceeding, your underlying insurance policy excess, up to a maximum of R4,000, once the underlying insurer has settled your claim
  • There shall be no liability for any claim under this guarantee after the lapse of 90 days from the date of your underlying insurance payout, unless your underlying insurance policy claim is the subject of a pending legal action
  • Cover is limited to Events occurring in the territorial limits as specified in your underlying policy
  • This guarantee is designed to operate in tandem with an underlying fully comprehensive insurance policy. If for any reason the underlying policy is terminated, this guarantee will automatically cease
  • Where the underlying policy is unenforceable, cancelled or for any reason is void or invalid or should be treated as such by the underlying insurer, or where it is not fully comprehensive, this guarantee does not operate

Microdot Guarantee

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