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Q: What is Veridot?
A: Veridot is an asset identification, protection and recovery solution that incorporates microdots and an advanced online database that enables the microdots to be accurately and quickly identified.

Q: What is a nickel microdot?
A: A nickel microdot is a microscopic metallic hexagonal dot that varies from 0,3 mm - 1mm in size. It has a unique serial pin code with an achromatic white wallpaper design on the surface of the dot.

Q: What is the Veridot DMS?
A: The Veridot DMS is the data management system in which all microdot-marked assets are registered by either a fitment agent or the consumer. This information is then used to trace the assets back to the rightful owner in the event of theft, and recovery of the asset.

Q: How do I register as a user on the Database?
A: Our authorised fitment centers can do it for you if a qualified fitter fitted your vehicle, alternatively simply go to the contact page and complete the contact me back page.

Q: Where can I purchase Veridot?
A: Contact our Head Office or one of our authorised fitment centers under Contact us.

Q: How do I become a Veridot Distributor or Agent?
A: Simply contact us by completing our contact us form, or phone us on (031) 312 1130

Q: How do I know if an asset is microdotted or not?
A: The adhesive has an Ultraviolet (UV) base to it. Law enforcement agencies and second hand goods dealers can identify tagged assets with the use of an ultra violet light. The tagged asset will glow when exposed to the UV light. Law enforcement officers can also view or search for a microdot with a microscope. Each Veridot microdot has a holographic wallpaper design with a unique serial pin code that can be traced back to the owner.

Q: Can Veridot Microdot Technology be removed by criminals?
A: Veridot nickel microdots have been tested and approved by Gerotek testing division and had a zero failure rate. The UV based adhesive dries within 15 minutes of application and hardens within 12 hours. Almost impossilbe to be removed by criminals.

Q: Can Veridot be forged?
A: Forgery is virtually impossible due to Veridot having covert security features imbedded onto it, We have 4 covert security features in every microdot.

Q: How does Veridot Microdot Technology prevent crime?
A: Veridot Microdots are applied to an asset. The unique number on the microdot is registred to the lawful owner in the Veridot database. The criminals are aware that if they steal the asset the number will be traced worldwide via the Veridot database, making the asset easily identifiable as a "stolen" asset. Our unique warning sign & stickers provides a deterrant factor as well.

Q: Who is Holomatrix and where does Veridot fit in?
A:  Veridot is a Vesa - ABS approved product of Holomatrix (Pty) Ltd, a Durban based company at the cutting edge of Holographic and interactive high tech holographic security components. With over a decade of experience of developing security solutions for a number of vertically integrated industries, Holomatrix is recognised as a major roleplayer in the fight against counterfeiting, fraud and crime.

Q: What happens if my Veridotted asset gets stolen?
A: In the unfortunate event of your asset being stolen, a law enforcement officer will locate a microdot on your recovered asset and enter the PIN of the microdot into the Veridot database. Your name and number will appear and you will be contacted in order to return your asset to you.

Q: What happens if I sell my car and it's been microdotted?
A: Vehicle ownership is managed by the Motor Licencing Bureau and vehicle identity is recorded on eNaTIS. Veridot is registered to a vehicle's VIN which is in turn registered to a vehicle owner. Changing ownership of the vehicle on eNaTIS will therefore change ownership of the Veridot applied to it.

Q: What should I do if I buy a car that has been Veridotted?
A: There is no action necessary with respect to the Veridot. Veridots are registered to the VIN of your vehicle and ownership will pass to you upon successful licencing of the motor vehicle.

Q: How public is my information?
A: All your information is secured on our Veridot server where only our authorised Veridot technical staff & management have access to your information.

Q: What protocol do fitment centres have to adhere to?
A: All involved parties (Microdot manufacturers, Vehicle Manufacturers or Importers, Applicators, Authorities etc) have to adhere to SANS 534-1.

Veridot FAQs

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