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Veridot is a unique asset identification, protection and recovery product and security system.

While utilising thousands of microscopic identifiers, Veridot ensures that your valuable and high-risk valuable assets are easily identifiable during the life-cycle of the products that need to be protected.

Veridot products are designed to be easily, but effectively, used by consumers, businesses and organisations to deter criminals from stealing their assets and to ensure the successful recovery of them in the unlikely event that they get stolen. Veridot utilises advanced technology to ensure that all our microdots:

  • Are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove
  • Are easy to apply on site both in the home or office
  • Contains a microscopic DNA that is unique to the owner
Most importantly they are a cost-effective "once off" investment in security.

Our technology not only acts as a significant deterrent to criminals, but it will also significantly improve the chances of recovering your valuable assets.

In the motor vehicle industry, the implementation of microdot technology has already reduced the theft rate of motor vehicles by 50% and improved the recovery rate by up to 97%.

Veridot is your solution to protecting your assets!

If you are interested in Veridot and finding out more on how we can protect your assets, contact our office

What is Veridot

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