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Veridot News: Business Against Crime Article 6


Fouche Burgers, the MD of Business Against Crime states:

"The improvement of the identification of motor vehicles has been a priority of Business Against Crime South Africa and its partners. Many alternatives have been assessed. The most significant and promising alternatives were the marking of the vehicle in multiple places (multiple parts marking or 'whole of vehicle marking') by means of laser etching or by using barcode labels. However, most of these alternatives were seen as expensive, impractical, inaccessible and ineffective. In addition, there were concerns that the fitment could damage the motor vehicles. History in South Africa has proved that criminals only need a short period of time (less than 2 years) to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to remove all covert markings (especially barcode labels).
During the assessments done by Business Against Crime South Africa, Microdot technology has emerged as being head and shoulders above the rest in securing (preserving) the identity of the vehicle."

Once marked, your assets are significantly less risky which means that your insurance premiums can be negotiated. Several insurance companies view this addition of microdot technology as motivation to reduce insurance premiums. SAPS detectives are also empowered to recover your valuable assets due to the inclusion of our Veridot system.

Several OEM's are already marking their vehicles and there is strong speculation that it will soon become mandatory for all motor vehicles to be microdotted - largely due to the success that has resulted since the introduction of microdot technology 3 years ago.

Veridot News: Business Against Crime Article 6

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