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Microdot Technology - How Does It Work


The Amendment to the National Road Traffic Act that was passed in September 2012 has made it compulsory for all new vehicles as well as vehicles requiring SA Police clearance certificates to be fitted with microdots.

The police can now identify the parts from stolen vehicles. This means that if a vehicle is stolen, although the criminals can remove the VIN plate or the engine, they are unable to remove all the microdots.

Microdot technology works through the application of thousands of small polymeric or metallic discs inscribed with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or a unique PIN.

These discs are applied in various locations around the vehicle and confirmation of the vehicle identity is done by extracting a sample of the microdots and reading them under a microscope.

Once applied, the microdots are difficult to remove and serve as a lasting testament to the original identity of the vehicle and its parts.

Studies conducted by Business Against Crime show that microdot technology has greatly reduced the number of vehicles stolen in South Africa.

Microdots are a cost-effective, strong deterrent to criminals.

Microdot Technology - How Does It Work

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