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Veridot: Protect Your Most Valued Possessions


Many companies in South Africa claim to help prevent crime or recover your stolen goods, but Veridot's use of microdot technology is consistently gaining popularity as a helpful recovery tool among crime weary South Africans. The microdots are nickel based and are highly resistant to heat and extreme weather conditions as well as being easy to apply so no specialised equipment is needed. Although initially only used on vehicles, microdots are now being applied to a wide range of assets, including boats, computers, bikes, television sets, jewellery and even livestock.

So what is microdot technology? Veridot uses thousands of tiny encoded microdots, smaller than a pin head, and we apply this to your valued belongings. This means that your assets are marked with tamper evident labels and an exterior wall sign is placed on the outside of your property warning criminals that your assets are protected. Speak to your insurance broker as certain insurance companies offer reduced premiums should your assets be fitted with microdots.

For more information or for enquiries, please contact Veridot.


Veridot: Protect Your Most Valued Possessions

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