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Veridot News: Reduction in Yamaha Bike Theft Article 3


Reduction in Yamaha Bike Theft

Improved Identification Linked to a Reduction in Yamaha Bike Theft

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) has released figures showing a dramatic drop in the theft of late model Yamaha motorcycles and linked the result to the company microdotting entire range two years ago.

The NMVTRC Executive Director, Ray Carroll, said the Council was especially pleased with these results as they had long been encouraging motorcycle importers to provide better, permanent identification of their vehicles to help combat theft.
"Motorcycles have defied the very positive trends we have seen in passenger car theft over the past eight years, they are very portable and easily stolen" says Carroll. "It is also very easy for thieves to alter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and engine number in order to launder a stolen bike or they can simply be stripped of their expensive parts. Microdotting fixes the identity problem because the PIN is effectively applied to each bike up to 4000 times and provides the evidence needed for prosecution."

The latest theft statistics show that there has been an 18% drop in theft of models sold in the past two years that have carried microdotting compared to the models sold in the previous two years. That figure includes bikes stolen and recovered, but the theft of bikes that were stolen and never recovered has shown even better improvement, with the numbers dropping by almost 25%.

Particularly encouraging is a 23% drop in the number of stolen and unrecovered off-road Yamahas, given that dirt bikes are especially attractive to thieves.

These results are significant in that the overall number of motorcycles stolen has increased by 16% and the number not recovered has increased by 17% over the same period*.

By comparison, another leading motorcycle brand that has not fitted microdotting has shown only a small improvement in theft of its new models over the same two-year period, which further validates the impressive Yamaha results.

Steven Cotterell, Director/General Manager of Yamaha Motor Australia was pleased with the NMVTRC's findings: "YMA is an innovator that is always looking to add value for our customers. Yamaha is the first firm in both our outboard and motorcycle industries to protect its products with microdotting, but we doubt we'll be the last. We believe that effective anti-theft measures will benefit the whole industry in the long run." He said.

About the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council:

The NMVTRC is an initiative of all Australian governments and the insurance industry to develop strategies and implement programs to reduce the level of vehicle theft in Australia.

*In the twelve months to September 2008; 7,750 motorcycles were reported stolen in Australia constituting 11% of all stolen vehicles. 5,040 (65%) were not recovered and accounted for 25% of all unrecovered vehicles.

Source: http://datadotdnanz.wordpress.com/2009/05/21/reduction-in-yamaha-bike-theft/

21st May 2009, Thursday 4:39 am

Veridot News: Reduction in Yamaha Bike Theft Article 3

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