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Microdots for new vehicles compulsory from September


Microdotting is set to become compulsory on all new motor vehicles sold from September 1, 2012.

This follows the implementation of the National Road Traffic Act amendments by Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele on March 9, which also noted that all motor vehicles requiring a South African Police Service vehicle clearance would need to be fitted with microdots effective immediately.

Initially, the introduction of compulsory microdotting on all new vehicles was expected from July 1, last year. However, the amended National Road Traffic Act, which would legislate the application of microdot technology in line with South Africa’s microdotting standard SANS 534-1, was only published last week.

Business Against Crime South Africa (Bacsa) welcomed the amendments, adding that the application of microdot technology to all motor vehicles would reduce the criminal activities of organised syndicates, restricting them from selling stolen vehicles or parts.

The introduction of microdots in vehicles would enable the quick and accurate identification of stolen or hijacked vehicles, Bacsa spokesperson Fouché Burgers told Engineering News Online.

Between 80 000 and 90 000 vehicles are stolen each year in South Africa. Some of theses vehicles were stripped for parts or resold on the local market to innocent buyers. Further, more than 12 000 recovered vehicles were destroyed by the law enforcement agencies as they could not be identified. The technology would also prevent the cloning of vehicles.

“The pervasive and enduring nature of microdot technology enables the marking of many motor vehicle components and parts. Microdots are the most cost effective, easy-to-use and enduring technology available in securing and preserving the identity of a motor vehicle,” said Bacsa CEO Dr Graham Wright.

Most original equipment manufacturers, such as BMW, Nissan and Toyota, besides others have started manufacturing new vehicles with microdots, Burgers said.

Microdotting comprises the spraying of over 10 000 tiny dots, with a unique identification number, in at least 88 different positions on a vehicle. This leaves a lasting imprint of the original identity of the motor vehicle and its associated parts. The dots can easily be detected with an ultraviolet light and magnifier.

Microdot information, such as the vehicle manufacturer, supplier and installer of microdots, would be stored on the eNaTIS system.

Natasha Odendaal
Engineering News

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Microdots for new vehicles compulsory from September

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